Sunday, June 12, 2016

Glacial Epoch Dungeons

ScannerLegend just sent me his almost-finished version of Atmora, and I have to say, it's exactly what I had in mind! The lighting! The atmosphere! The sense of creeping dread where you never know what to expect around the next corner- A boss encounter, or a frozen room with walls of stone?

Everything is so perfect! I'm so excited, I feel like I could script Glacial Epoch in a day! Well, I actually scripted Darkest Awakening in a day; the other day was spent on bugfixing and testing!

This is what being a modder is all about! The sense of pure creation; bringing to life quests and adventures from the tips of your fingers, and discovering things no one else dared to dream.

Oh, and expect 4.0 with Glacial Epoch, Aurlyn's other long-awaited quest, shortly, along with a few more interesting features and dialogue. Thanks!

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