Sunday, June 12, 2016


Version 7.0

Balanced out all of her weapons, spells, damage values and stash at long last.
Added a rotating system of spells and enchantments to Aurlyn that dynamically change depending on the time of day or night.
Fixed a few bugs.

Version 6.0

Added 100+ new combat lines
Fixed a few bugs
Integrated Enderal cross-commentary
She also now has a sun-and-moon staff that reflects her duality

Version 5.0

Aurlyn's daughter, Serenity, has been released as a new standalone, custom-voiced follower!

Version 4.0

Glacial Epoch has finally been released!

Version 3.0

​One of Aurlyn's personal quests, Darkest Awakening, has now been released!
She also has a fantastic new countenance, courtesy of rxkx.
As well as a multitude of stories to share with you about her adventures in exotic realms.
Plus a few additional quest dialogue pieces.
And the ability to accept heartfelt gifts.
I've also added festive dialogue revolving around holidays in Skyrim.
And finally, some jokes to keep us entertained.

Version 2.3

​You can now ask Aurlyn about her current emotional state.
As well as inquire about current events.
You can also seek a glimpse of what might come to pass through her prophecies.
And know her opinions on other custom-voiced companions.
In addition, Aurlyn will now elucidate her practical skills.
Oh, and I've also added five more riddles, as promised.
A few bugs have also been fixed.
I almost forgot! Aurlyn has a new set of robes in her stash, as well as another set of armor.
She now carries a Sun Rune spell tome.
And an Alchemist Compendium.
Plus, she had a unique cape added to her adventuring outfit.
One more thing: You can now give her any armored outfit, and she should equip it while actively following you since I reduced the armor ratings of her ESO Altmer Set to 1.

​Version 2.2

​Aurlyn can now be asked a wide variety of questions about her while at High Hrothgar.
She also has a few new stories to share with you.
Plus, she'll now flirt with you while at specific locations, and has more marriage-related dialogue.
For good measure, she can now destroy Daedric artifacts.
As well as brew potions for you.
I've also added a humorous "quest" that can be started by talking to her at any inn.
Oh, and Aurlyn can now recite poems if you ask her to.
Her summon spell, Clarion Call, will now work anytime, anywhere, regardless if she's one of your current followers or not.

Version 2.1

​Added a unique stash/ container to High Hrothgar which can be accessed by talking to Aurlyn
Added a myriad of items and artifacts from Aurlyn's travels across Tamriel
Fixed a few bugs, and added a few misc dialogue lines

​Version 2.0

​Added two unique rotating outfits to Aurlyn
Added a plethora of interesting and varied debates
Added a host of intriguing stories that portray her character and personality
Added a streamlined system of active, in-combat healing
Aurlyn will now share her unique spells and weapons with you when asked about her blade
Added 50 new combat lines, and a few "hello" and "goodbye" lines

​Version 1.6

​Aurlyn now does dynamic, level-based damage with her spells, staff and sword
She will also deal double damage against the undead
Added a new dress to Aurlyn
Aurlyn will now actively, but randomly and indirectly heal the Player in combat
Aurlyn now regains a leveled amount of health with every spell cast

​Version 1.5

​Tweaked Aurlyn's spells to be more balanced
Removed Steadfast Ward from Aurlyn
Fixed the "friendly fire" bug by tweaking Vampire's Bane
Added a unique staff to Aurlyn with the "Fire Stream" enchantment

​Version 1.4

​Added a dialogue option to teleport to High Hrothgar from almost all locations
Aurlyn will now passively heal the entire party
Fixed a few bugs with the new custom follower system

​Version 1.3

​Shifted Aurlyn to her own custom follower system
Added a summon spell for Aurlyn

​Version 1.2

​Added a plethora of idle commentary
Added 4 new riddles
Added a few misc dialogue lines
Tweaked a few dialogue conditions
Balanced out Aurlyn's shop

​Version 1.1

​Fixed the pink teeth bug
Removed the Atronach perk from Aurlyn
Tweaked a few dialogue conditions

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